With an Ucranian statue of Engels, in Manchester

Hi! I am Jaime Almansa Sánchez, a public archaeologist from Spain…

This is my personal web site, where you will be able to find what I do since I became a doctor (in Archaeology). It is mainly in Spanish (well, all besides this bit), so here I will basically tell you a little bit about myself and will share those things you can actually read.

I was born in 1983, in Madrid, although I always felt I belonged to my village. El Cabaco is a tiny village in Salamanca, in one of the most beautiful areas of Spain. Really, visit it! There, I expended most of my childhood, besides school in Madrid. I used to say I went to school in Madrid instead of saying I went to the village for holidays. Guess that explains it a bit. Anyway, I did my degree in History from 2001 to 2006 (we had 5 years Licenciaturas back then) and started my PhD right after. In 2007 I went to London and stayed for an MA in Public Archaeology at UCL. By 2009 I did not get the scholarship to continue with my PhD in the last chance of the call I wanted, so in January 2010 I became a businessman. JAS Arqueología has been most of my life ever since. I started the company to pay for my PhD and ended up devoting most of my time to do stuff there. And I did a lot. But soon we got a reminder we had to finish the thesis, and I had to actually rush to do it. I finished it in August 2016, and defended it the 15th of March, 2017. That summer I got a postdoctoral contract at Incipit, CSIC and right now I am abroad (London, Athens and a bit everywhere) for the first part of the contract.

For the moment, if you are interested in my work, have a look at my Academia.edu page, where you can find most of my academic production.

I am also editor, together with Elena Papagiannopoulou, of AP: Online Journal in Public Archaeology.

And you can find me in many international events

If you need anything, just tell me. For the moment, I invite you to follow my current project: #pubarchMED.